Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.

College of Education


***These pages will be updated next time I teach this class,

and alter the old 4-unit course (321) to the new 2-unit version (312)

Ryan Credential (old)

EELB 321 (renamed 312 under 2042): Catalog Description

Culture & Schooling

Basic understanding of the nature of “culture,” its manifestations and the dynamics of crosscultural contact. Key issues of group and individual enculturation, acculturation, assimilation, multiculturalism, culture shock, racism, and gender, and their impact on educational practice. Interaction and communication with diverse families and communities. Also offered as ESEC 321, students may not receive credit for both. Requires a six-hour field component at an approved setting. Meets the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) early field requirement. Must be taken in the first quarter of enrollment in the credential program and may be taken concurrently with EELB 332, 441, and 445 or 446.

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