Enrique G. Murillo, Jr., Ph.D.

College of Education


MA Core Course Sequence / Enrollment Parameters 

When students should take the Core courses is a matter that should be addressed by faculty in the respective programs.

However, when scheduling choices exist, the three Core courses can serve well as "tool subjects" to enhance student success throughout their other courses. Therefore, if everything else is equal, the Core courses should be taken earlier rather than later.

The MA Core course sequence is now operational. It is necessary because the University approved student learning outcomes assessments are structured to maximize learning continuity as students move through cumulative course activities.

Students who have successfully completed the Expository Writing Requirement (EWR; usually through a course grade of "B" or better in a 306 course) may enroll in EDUC 603 Effective Communication in Education.

If necessary they may take EDUC 603 and EDUC 605 Foundations of Education concurrently.

To enroll in EDUC 607 Introduction to Educational Research students must have already successfully completed (grades of "B" or better) the EWR, EDUC 603 and EDUC 605.

If your Program does not require all three Core courses, the same sequence applies for the course(s) that are required.

    (COE Masters Committee and the MA Core Program, 2004)